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The Incredible Ingrid in Concert…

Maybe I should ask Santa for a time-turner *wonders* Until he will give one to me for christmas I should go on and use the few idle minutes I have left of this afternoon to write about the Ingrid Michaelson concert. I am sooooo happy I found out about that on time, even though I failed to notice the show announcement on Ingrid’s myspace site. But on twitter she talked about being in Germany and I checked her site again and only an hour later I had bought the ticket.
The concert took place in “Gebäude 9”, a really really small club in Cologne (@oceans77: direkt an der Messe, also falsche Rheinseite *g*), which I never have heard of before. But of course Bro2 knew it and has been there before. He has been to all of the regions’ tiny clubs for some kind of obscure concert, I’d guess.
There were about 150 – 200 people at the concert, probably closer to 150 than to 200, so it was small and intimate, which was really nice. Ingrid isn’t know in Germany at all yet, and from the conversations I listened to before the show started, I gathered that most of them knew her music via myspace, Grey’s Anatomy or her support on the Jason Mraz tour earlier this year. There were a lot of students and listen to all this talk about classes and lectures and finding roommates  made me feel sooo old. Continue reading


Maybe, Maybe Not…

I might be all “talked out” after a weekend with some friends. Or I might just be too tired after a busy week and weekend. Actually all of November was busy. Being busy kept my mind of things, which I should think about. And it also put new things in my head to think about, so I might spend all of December thinking, maybe write somethings down offline, because I don’t share everything with the world, even if it sometimes looks like it :-), and basically maybe shut down a bit. Or I might not and just post a lot of random things like I used to :-) At the moment I have no idea….

So, the weekend was busy. I spent it with some friends in Cologne. We talked a lot and didn’t sleep enough, which might be the reason why I’m in such a weird mood tonight. Mentioning some plan for the weekend in Friday’s post – even if it was encrypted – might have jinxed the plan. Well, or maybe it didn’t. I actually have pretty good idea who to “blame” :-) And the weekend was sort of salutary as well…

On Friday Night Hai_di and I went to a pre-record-release-concert of a new German rockband and we had such a great time. The band is called “5vor12”, they sing in German, write great music and are really really nice guys. That night was a lot of fun, listen to rock music and to see the guys on stage have a lot of fun themselves. Twice during the show they called a friend who was at the football match Berlin – Cologne, put him on speaker and asked for the latest results. And of course the crowd started to cheer for the football team as well. Sven, the band’s lead singer once asked the crowd to start singing something.. anything. Which lead to him and us singing “Biene Maja” *g* We had so much fun…

Hai_di got to know them a bit on myspace and thus we had the chance to talk to some of them after the show and … well, they are really really nice guys. To any German readers: If you like Revolverheld, you are most probably going to like 5vor12 as well. Visit their site, listen to a few songs and buy the CD, which will be released on 5th December. It was on sale at the concert as well and of course I already bought it. I just knew a few songs (from their myspace site) but the rest of the album is great too. I’m pretty sure that this hasn’t been my last 5vor12 concert. Here are a few photos (not the best quality) I took during the show: Continue reading

Taking a short break from reading…

I had almost finished writing a post last night, when the news from Mumbai kept me from posting it. My post was so insignificant compared to the terror and tragedy going on there. I don’t feel like writing much today either, not because of the ongoing horrible news, I have to admit. But I’m just too lazy and the novel I’m reading at the moment is getting too exciting. But I’ll take a short break from reading to at least announce that there won’t be much happening on this blog, because I’m busy and/or away from my computer for the next three days.

There is nothing noteworthy going on in my life right now anyway. Today was the first weekday in a while, where I actually didn’t got home around 7 PM or later. Visiting my Mom in the hospital just takes up quite much of my free time, which I don’t mind in general. She is so bored and thus always happy to be able to chat with visitors for a while. Especially as she still can’t leave her floor (to get a coffee in the cafeteria or something like that). But I definitely notice that the 1,5 – 2 hours these visits last (including driving there and back) are missing in my days. Not today though, because I didn’t visit her today. I got home around 4 PM and actually got quite a few things done. I’m under the impression that it should already be midnight, because I’ve already spent so many hours at home :-). Yes, my sense of time is messed up tonight. Continue reading

Miscellaneous, 2008/08/28

A long time ago (in my german blog) I already wrote about that song and how much it helps me to unwind. It’s time to mention it again…


There’s a light at each end of this tunnel,
You shout ’cause you’re just as far in as you’ll ever be out
And these mistakes you’ve made, you’ll just make them again
If you only try turning around.


But you can’t jump the track, we’re like cars on a cable,
And life’s like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button now
Sing it if you understand.
and breathe, just breathe

Breathe (2AM) – Anna Nalick

I try and have to just breathe more often than I’d like to recently…


Today is the first night in eight days that I’m home before 9 PM. I don’t know what to do with all these hours before bedtime :-) But then I look around my dusty and messy apartement and see the stacks of laundy which has to be ironed and I think about all the mails or papers I have to write. And then I just want to curl up and try to block out all that stuff and just be. Not do anything. Just breathe :-)
Unfortunately I can’t afford that luxury, not unless some leprechauns turn up and do the work for me. ALL the work. At least it’s not too stressful at the office at the moment so I can’t complain too much. Still some of the things I have to do (not at work but on the local politics and postgraduate side of my life) seem to ask too much of my time. I don’t know if it’s really too much work or if I just have to work on my time-management. I’m afraid the latter…

Continue reading

Too tired to come up with a meaningful title…

I’m not falling in any kind. Not Apart and not in love, although I wouldn’t mind that, but that’s a different story.  To be honest I don’t even have any idea what I’m trying to say with the first two sentences. I just needed some sort of introduction to this post, in which I only wanted to write about two (new) songs which I really like at the moment and whose chorus lyrics include falling or to fall… I know it’s a really far-fetched connection and no reason at all to combine these songs in one post. But I’m feeling pretty drained right now after 3 days at work (which sucked for the most parts due to my coworker) and local politics meeting on Monday night and today and the prospect of work + another political evening meeting tomorrow night and an extra day at work on Friday. I need a vacation! [Absolutely unintentionally, I’m listening to another “falling” song while I’m writing this, I just thought I should mention it *g*] Continue reading

A “Victim’s” report: The Killers concert in Cologne

I could mope about a couple of things that went wrong yesterday and beat myself up about the lack of motiviation to write my term paper, but I was going for more substantial stuff here, so I’ll confine myself to give you a concert review from last night. The Killers concert took place as part of the Vodafone music unlimited festival in Cologne. Outdoors directly in front of the cathedral, which is a cool location for any concert. (My cameraphone provides rather crappy pictures, sorry) Continue reading

Whiling Away Time with the Killers Top 10

I’m a master in whiling away my time. I planned to do a couple of things yesterday afternoon, but of course I just did a very few of them. Re-Reading “Lightning Strikes Twice” is just so time-consuming. And addictive and I guess it will be in the next couple of days as well.
I decided to not go to work today, because there is no way that the really loud re-construction in the building with my temp office will be finished already And it’s just impossible to work when there is loud screeching and or hammering from the drills and jackhammers all around the office. I can’t talk on the phone, I can’t concentrate and the apruptly stop and start of the noise is nervwrecking. At least my nerves were wrecked after only 20 minutes and a cellphone call I had to answer out on the yard, where there still was noise from some re-construction stuff on the other parts of the building. So I just set up call forwarding to my cellphone and left.
I definitely have to go in tomorrow though to check the mail before I leave for my short London trip. As there isn’t anything urgent to work on at the moment it’s not a big problem to stay at home and I could use the time at home to be productive and… well, if I didn’t have to restrain myself from compiling another “to-do-today” list and instead just start doing it!

Anyway at least finally is here my Killers Top10. And it took me about an hour to figure out the flash player / addblock conflict on my firefox. Talking about whiling away time….

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