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Hmph!… Again

I obviously forgot to write a post yesterday. I was so insanely busy. This morning I at least started writing a post for today, but didn’t manage to finish it. Because I got busy with other stuff. Volunteering. In the rain. Again *sigh* I would have the time to finish it now, but I’m just not up for it. Instead I’ll get comfy on my lounge chair, Desmond on my lap *g* and continue to watch the MerDer recaps, AriaAdagio mentioned in her latest post. Like I haven’t watched those scenes, especially from season 1 and 2 often enough ;-) But it’s the perfect thing to do when you just want unwind and relax. At least it is for me…


I could write a post about how insanely busy today was. Or about the busy (with nice and fun activities) I’ll be this weekend. I could also give you a gross story about the teeth I had to have extracted yesterday. No? Ok, I guess, then this was my post for the day :-)

Online in the 21st century…

When I moved into my own apartment all those years ago, I bought my first own personal computer. Until then I shared one (or even two in the later years) with my brothers in our parents house. I bought a desktop computer, because laptops were so so expensive in the beginning of the century. Wi-Fi wasn’t such a big thing back then eith er and what use would a computer/laptop without internet be ;-)?

I moved into and still live in a tiny one room apartment, so even when laptops and Wi-Fi were easily available I didn’t replace my desktop computer and Wi-Fi-less DSL modem with a laptop. Yes, it would have been nice to be able to be online (because let’s be honest, connecting me with the world wide web is the main job of my computer) not online in front of my desk. But from my bed or kitchen or even outside on my patio. But would I be willing to spend a few hundred EUR for a laptop while I had a perfectly fine working computer at home? No. Even though I started to feel more and more ancient when I saw that more and more of my friends and coworkers replaced their desktop computers with laptops.
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Distracting Gadgets

I just spend all the money from my taxincome return one some gadgets I didn’t really need. Like really didn’t. But I wanted to own them anyway *sigh* This also means that I’ve spend the hours since I got home getting it up an running. Still not finished, so the post, I wanted to write tonight about the gadget and all will have to wait. But there will be a post. And pictures. Well, one at least.

Lazy? No Way…

Instead of writing my daily NaBloPoMo post I’d just like to quote from a (new?) fridge magnet on HAIDI’s fridge. It’s probably going to be one of my favourite new mail signatures or line when I’m asked for a short “biography” or “thing about me” somewhere on the internet :-) It’s also going to serve as explaination of why there is on real post tonight…

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LOST – “The End”

When I drove home from our small LOST breakfast gathering this afternoon I thought about what I should or would write about it here in my blog. After a few minutes consideration I decided to keep it short.

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Elevator “Art” :-)

I thought I’d manage to post my review of the Grey’s finale tonight as my daily NaBloPoMo post, but there is no way I’m going to manage that. It’s going to be an epic review of this epic episodes and I want to do it right, so it might take me till Sunday. Well, I’ll probably have it done by tomorrow. Anyway today’s post is just a short photo post. I discovered the following drawing in an elevator this morning. Whoever drew it, should think about taking another biology class about human anatomy. Because…, well, just have a look yourself.

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