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My trip to Canada – Part II: Sightseeing

This will be a shorter post, I promise. A large collection of photos (and the photos in higher resolution) can be found here. I will just pick out a few of my favorites now.

Our first stop in Toronto was the Hockey Hall of Fame (who would have figured *g*) but I will cover that in a special hockey post. I think we’ve seen most of the “must-see” attractions in Toronto, at least from the outside. We didn’t have that much time, so we didn’t visit a museum although the ROM or the Art Gallery would definitely have been worth a visit. We’ll do that next time :-)

The golden Royal Bank Plaza was pretty cool to see. Real gold in the windowpanes and all of that for the sake of insulation. Neat!. And the CN Tower really is visible from everywhere. As long as there is not fog or rain clouds, then the top of the tower might just disappear. Continue reading