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Glee M.D.

When I’ve first read that Grey’s Anatomy was planning a musical episode I was torn between “Wow, that’s cool” and “Oh no, how awful”. I’ve always liked and often even loved the music on Grey’s. I wasn’t used to that much music on a regular TV show and they did a wonderful job with setting the mood of a scene or episode with the music they choose. I’ve also discovered a lot of new wonderful artists via the Grey’s soundtrack. All these were reasons for the first “Wow” reaction.
But very soon the “Oh no!” reaction was so much stronger. I feared doctors breaking out into tapdance during rounds and such. Well not quite, but to break into a song during a scene and just… Ugh! It might work on “Glee”, but even there I’m not usual a fan of that. But that’s just me. Anyway, the idea of “Glee M.D.” as Patrick Dempsey joked in one article, seemed horrible to me.

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.15 – “Golden Hour”

I had started writing this review last night, but then I stopped because I was too tired to keep typing. This morning I couldn’t find the file anymore *headdesk*. I have either deleted it accidently or overwritten it with another file or.. whatever. It was gone, which kind of is symptomatic for this week where so many things have gone wrong. But, the Grey’s episode itself didn’t go wrong, it was surprisingly entertaining to watch. At least I had a great time and I don’t think it’s because I might have lowered my standards :-). A lot of the episode felt like the “good old Grey’s” and it was wonderful to see that this is still possible. It most probably was the exception from the rule, when I think about what I already know will happen later this season… Baby Torres this and Baby Torres that. I might have to get back to this episode over and over again in the next few weeks to balance it :-)

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Miscellaneous, 30 January 2011

If I never get around to posting a real one-topic-post anymore, at least I should find time for this kind of post. I’ve actually planned to post this last night. The post was almost completely written, but then I was just too tired to finish it. Today I’ve been busy with various things and most of all with following the Daytona 24 hours on various live streams. The things I do as a Paddy fangirl :-) The Dempsey Racing team is doing great and might end up on the podium [I hope to have this post up before the race ends, because, like I said, it was supposed to be up about 24 hours ago ;-.) ]

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

I’ve been pretty busy all week and still not doing really ok (health-wise), so I didn’t feel like collecting my thoughts and writing them down. I’m still suffering from current MS symptoms,. It might be a new MS attack, even though it’s actually only considered a new one if it occurs 4 weeks after the old attack. Which these symptoms didn’t, it was just a few days. I decided to not see my doc about it for several reasons. I didn’t want to get another round of IVs, especially since they didn’t help much during the first/old attack. The symptoms will go away with or without IVs, the IVs just might help to speed up the process. So I have to be patient, which is hard sometimes. But I think it got better, i.e. the symptoms lessened a bit over the last few days. I also didn’t went to see my doc, because I’m not ready yet to talk and decide about the new treatment he suggested. I’m not as confused and in emotional turmoil as I have been, but I still need to gather some more information and to collect all the questions I have and all that. I actually had planned to do that this week and this weekend, but I had too many other things on my mind. And am actually grateful that the MS isn’t all I can think about, like it had been last week, after I learned that I’m actually doing worse than I thought. So I still have to think about some stuff, but I don’t do it all the time, which is nice. And I really don’t want to step into the neurological practice before my appointment in March. I guess I’ll see more than enough of it in the week/months after that…

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Grey’s Anatomy 6.18 – “Suicide Is Painless”

Oh, well, that was another one of these episodes where I wish someone would remind me why I’m still watching this show. It wasn’t totally crap, but it just didn’t made a lot of sense to me either. I guess, this is going to be another short review. Maybe I should start rating the episodes on a scale from 1-10 to let you know if it is worth watching. (If you haven’t watched it already). This episode would get a 3.5 from me. Most of it for touching a controversial medical/ethical issue and at least 0.5 for having pretty people to look at :-)

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Grey’s Anatomy 6.06 – “I Saw What I Saw”

This was a unique episode for Grey’s so I’m not sure how to write a review about it. After the disappointing last few episodes I actually didn’t expect to enjoy a new Grey’s episode very much, but I did. Not for the reasons for which I usually enjoy Grey’s, because it didn’t feel much like the Grey’s I know. Sorry to say that. But I liked it for the mere artistic way of telling a story. Yes, I know it’s nothing new and has been done before, but I still find it very entertaining to watch. On whatever TV show or movie and I enjoyed it this time on Grey’s as well.

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Back Home and Online…

Around 09.30 pm I got home from my wonderful, wonderful sunny vacation in Scotland and what happened a few minutes ago? Heavy downpour and it’s still raining…oh well, better here now than during my time up north :-) I will probably go to bed soon, because I didn’t sleep that well during the last couple of days. Kind of restless, probably because I miss my big queensize bed without matresses, that squeak whenever I turn around. Even though I would have loved to stay in Scotland a while longer, it’s nice to be home as well. Home, sweet home. I already dread all the laundry I have to do tomorrow and to answer some work-related mails and tend to some work-related things tomorrow as well. At least I won’t have to return to the office till Wednesday. And there are so many blogs and journals and Grey’s fanfictions to catch up with as well. I hope I will be able to do some of that tomorrow as well…

On my long journey today (on the train) and a lot of times in the park or at night in the hotel room Jamie and Claire (from the Gabaldon series) kept me good company. I’m half way through book 3 (of 6) and what can I say. I’m very much reminded of the time not so long ago when I was infatuated with the Twilight series. And both stories have a few things in common. To me at least. In both series there are 2 people deeply in love, but with a lot of obstacles in their way to a happy end. I was sucked into both stories pretty much early on in the story and started to care very much about the fate of this couple. I thought the writing in both stories was/is very entertaining. But even though I liked the writing itself, there appear(ed) to be more and more flaws in the storytelling. But I was (or am) too hooked already to have that bother me too much. I don’t know if I should love or hate the writers for making me neglect these flaws I still recognize as such :-)
I shouldn’t be so hard on Diana Gabaldon though, as I definitely would pick her series over Twilight any time. Because I love reading historic novels. Because Jamie and Claire are grownups, doing grownup things (and, no, I’m not talking about sex, well not first of all anyway *g*). Because the story is set in Scotland and it was so nice to read it while being there where it all takes place. And mostly because even though I see some flaws in her storytelling, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to deal with such farfetched things like human/vampire offsprings, men turning to wolves, imprinting on babies and protective bubbles created by mere mindpowerl. So I will continue to easily overlook the unbelievable coincidences and chance encounters and suddenly revealed relations that help the Gabaldon story moved forward. And some other things, which sometimes makes me feel like watching a soapopera. But a very entertaing one. Like I said: Guilty pleasure…

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What I’ve Been Up To…

The last few weeks proved that twitter has definitely changed my way of blogging. Before I started to use twitter I posted much more, because whenever I had to get some of the mundane, ordinary stuff off my chest, I sat down and wrote a blog post about it. Twitter gets things off my chest and thoughts out of my mind so much quicker and easier than a blog post. But add busy days and weeks into the mix and a lot of stories I usually would have written about remain untold, because I don’t find the time or am too tired to write a post about it. I don’t know yet how I feel about that development.

+ + + + + + + +

I was – once again – pretty busy with work this week, but at least everything I had to work on or had to deal with, went well so far. My local Greens finally have a candidate for each electorial district, which wasn’t easy to accomplish and which actually troubled me a lot a few weeks ago. So this load is definitely off my mind. During the last couple of days I even managed to start working on the school assignment I have to repeat. I have to return some of the books soon, because they’d be due during my vacation, so I have to at least skim through them and copy relevent parts.

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