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Miscellaneous on October 25th, 2009

I actually wanted to post that entry even yesterday, but I somehow never got around to do it. When I got home Friday night I realized that I hadn’t posted that my mom was discharged already on Friday and back home again. I should have posted that right away, but I was so busy throughout the day. She was supposed to be discharged on Saturday (or even later), so on Friday morning it took some phonecalls and organization to have one of my brothers pick her up, but it worked and she was home before 11 AM.
I spent most of the day over at her place to catch up and be there if she needed me to take care of some stuff. It was also Bro3’s birthday, so there was cake :-) The rest of the day I spent working on my termpaper for a while and writing my Grey’s review, before I had to get ready for the very low-key birthday celebrations at Bro3’s favourite pub. We had a great time and I drank much more alcohol than usual, because Bro3 was paying. It’s true that it’s really risky, if you don’t have to pay for your own drinks, because you loose count. At least I did and even though I didn’t really drink that much or anything stronger than a “Radler” (a traditional German beer/soda mix), I was kind of drunk when I left. And we had a really great time. I just hated that my clothes and my hair smelled like I had spent the night sleeping in an ashtray. Why do I have to live in the only country without a effective smoking ban ?

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Hockey Weekend…

I could have saved the money for the Eurosport subscription, I guess. Because they only show a very few games live and  some more as a re-run. Complete, but not live. The quality of the web broadcast is ok, but not good. Not as good as the videos shown at TSN. At the moment it looks like TSN has videos of all the games. Wow, I have to check out the first game of the German team, in which they were defeated by the US.

Anyway, earlier today I watched CAN – CZE on Eurosport. What a great first goal from John Taveres in the final seconds of the first period. And the perfomance of both teams during the whole game as well. It was a delight to see this, after witnessing a rather mediocre hockey game last night. And it makes me slightly jealous. Why don’t I see something like this on the ice, when my hockey team plays? Highlights (all goals) can be watched in this clip at TSN.

I was looking at the official photos of last night’s hockey game and when I saw some of them I knew I had to post them here as well. Because last night we saw the most vain referee in the history of German hockey. Well at least he was the most vain I have seen yet. We were sitting right behind the photographers and whenever he was in their line of view to start the game again, he posed and smiled for their cameras. After the first few times it got really pathetic and so embarassing. Here is one of the photos of him… Continue reading

Surprise present from Bro3

When I talked with Bro3 on the phone this morning he said “I’ve got a present for you”. I hate it, when people say that and don’t tell me right away what kind of present that is. Yes, I know it would ruin the surprise and I don’t really hate it, but it makes me edgy anyway. Especially as my brothers and I usually don’t give each other presents. For christmas or birthdays or any other ocassion. Which probably sounds like we’re estranged or something, but we’re not. We actually spend quite some time with each other or in each others presence at my mom’s home, where Bro3 is still living and Bro2 is building his house right next door. We are just not that close on an emotional level. If I had serious problems of any kind I most probably wouldn’t talk to one of my brothers about it. It probably sounds like we’re an emotional retarded family :-), but actually we’re doing just fine. The way we managed to get through the hard times a year ago was proof of that. To me at least and anyway I didn’t want to turn this post into some sort of family therapy thing. Maybe I should scrap that whole paragraph?

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Happy Hockey Moments…

I actually planned to work on my assignments of the county election campain this evening. But I feel very queasy since a couple of hours. It might just be a side effect of that time of the month :-) or maybe I ate something my stomach doesn’t like to process? I went to a Chinese buffet for lunch but I actually didn’t eat anything unusual. Maybe it was the fish? Or the garlic sauce it was broiled in? I have no idea, but right now I’m sitting here with a heating pad on my tummy and I’ll retreat to my comfy armchair and some DVD after finishing this post. Damn I really wanted to work on that assignments, but at the moment my brain is too busy asking if throwing up might make me feel better. :-(  And I’m annoyed that this rather nice day has to end with me feeling sick! Because I had a great day.
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Hockey is back… (Finally!)

I came home from our meeting earlier than usual so I’m able to write about the hockey season premiere events already tonight. There isn’t that much to write about, but I’ll try nonetheless. Last Sunday Hai_di, cologne_chick and I attended at premiere event of the Cologne Sharks in Cologne.
They used to have a stage outdoors with some bands and a tiny fashion (teamwear and stuff) show and a team presentation with really short talks with almost every player. After that usually the players spent some times signing autographs and such. It always is crowed, because the Sharks have a lot of supporters.

This year all these (or a lot of) fans were there as well, but the whole thing took place inside the arena and was combined with a test game. Which meant paying entrance fee, a presentation on the centre ice, which was just too far away from the crowd and just felt… not right. Definitely not like a season opening event should feel like. There once again was the most stupid competion called “Competition skills”, which is a perfect example for German officials (advertising, PR etc) trying to speak English and failing miserably. It was a competition OF skills. Or a skills competition or whatever a thing like this is called in English. Who has got the hardest shot? Who saves the most penalties? Who can skate the fastest? You have to have comeptitions skills to compete, but… Terms like this really, really annoy me, as you might have gathered. I know that my English is far from perfect and I make mistakes, but I hope my English language skills are not that bad. Continue reading

Hockey talk after a hockey week

I caught myself quite a few times over the last couple of days thinking “you have to write about this” but then I always remembered the deal with this blog was supposed to be “substance”. And momentarily bitching about some stuff that currently has happenend on that day (in that one moment) is rather the opposite. It’s still something I have to get used to, but so far I’m doing ok with it and found some other outlet for these kind of thoughts which I just have to put down somewhere.

This week’s has been insanely busy, with hockey most of all. It’s playoff time! Besides work, a local green party meeting on Monday and a regional meeting on Saturday afternoon, I went to see the Cologne Sharks first semifinal in Tuesday, watched the second semifinal on TV on Thursday and attend the Iserlohn Roosters hockey season farewell party on Friday. And had a great night with some friends last night as well, so… it was busy. Really busy. I didn’t get as much stuff done for school as I wanted to. And the next week will probably be just as busy. Not to mention that I’ll leave my home in about an hour to meet some friends for coffee in Cologne before I’ll see the third semifinal tonight. Continue reading