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Ramblings – Part 1

I started writing a blog post on Tuesday during my lunch break. I continued writing it during some idle time at the office yesterday. Today I have quite a few more (more or less insignificant) things I could and want to write about. And some things I wanted to write about have changed dramatically. But I’m trying to post all this stuff tonight anyway, because I will be very busy again tomorrow and probably on Saturday as well. Does that ever stop? Anyway … I will not put all the stuff in one post, because that could bore some of you to death. Even seperate post might still do that just as well *g*, but here is the hockey post.

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Another Hockey Post…

I’m feeling weird today. Maybe it’s the weather, which is weird around here as well. It was wonderfully sunny yesterday and now we’re back to cloudy :-( Which doesn’t really motivate me to do anything useful. Well, I did clean my dishes, finally updated the fansite I’m running. I should also sort some Greens stuff and work on my revising my parts for our electoral program. I might do that later today. “Might” is the key word of that sentence :-)
I’m also planning to revise all my work for the willingly failed paper for the Education course. And to sort out which of the dozens of books I got from various libraries, I can already return. In the desperate attempt to write this paper within a couple of days, I got so many books without having a real plan which books I really need. And because I couldn’t get some of the books I wanted / needed within the time I only had to write the paper. So with the additional time I have now to write the paper again, I can spend more time and serious thoughts about which book I need and should get.

I might be doing doing this tonight while watching the Detroit – Anaheim game tonight at 8 PM, because I actually don’t care which team wins this one. I don’t care about these teams / series at all. 2009 is the first year I really follow the NHL playoffs, because I can watch some of the games, thanks to my new digital cable. I was actually mainly rooting for all three Canadian teams, because they are… Canadian! :-) After watching the Washington Capitals for the first time, the Caps at once slipped into one of my top spots. So here is my current of favourite NHL teams (of the teams still participating in the playoffs). This list and reasons behind my ranking are totally totally subjective, but every like/dislike has to start with something, right :-)?

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Hockey & School Keep Me Busy…

I almost forgot to post my project365 photos of this week, which I will do in an extra post. There is nothing much more to write about at the moment. My term paper is giving me a headache, because I’ve got the discouraging feeling that I don’t get the hang of some parts. I’m booked with meetings (Greens, Work) for every evening Monday till Thursday, so I have no idea when I should really work on the paper again. Maybe I can squeeze in some time at the office. At least to look up some stuff on the internet?

Oh, and then there is hockey of course. Germany lost the first two games at the World Championship, which was to be expected. They lost 0:5 to the current world champion Russia and 2:3 in OT against host Switzerland. They played rather well for the first and second period of the game against Switzerland, the third was ok, but that wasn’t enough. At least they’ve already got one point (from the 2:2 after the regular time).

I also watched the first two periods of game 5 of the NY Rangers – Washington Capitals series of the NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Playoffs. Saturday morning at 1.00 AM. But I used the time till then working on my paper, so I was still awake anyway. The Rangers led 3:1 in the series and would only have to win this game as well to win the series. But they didn’t, they were run over by the Caps, which won 4:0. Yay. I went to bed after the 2nd period at the 4:0, which was a beautiful goal by Alexander Ovechkin. I was and still am rooting for the Capitals, mainly because I’m rooting against the Rangers. For the mere fact that they’ve got Avery on their roster. And rather ugly jerseys *g*. And since game 5 and the stuff happening after it, a third reason is their unbelievable rude coach. His behaviour got him banned from the bench for game 6 . Yay. Serves them right.

Game 6 is on TV right now and the Caps are leading 3:1. In New York and it’s a great game. Beautiful goals from the Caps and a very intense game. Nobody’s hiding from a fight, but that’s playoff hockey, right? And I will return to watching it with full attention in a minute. And have to squeeze in some study time after that, I’m afraid…

Miscellaneous, 2008/04/21

I so do NOT need a cold right now! obviously my immune system hates me (well yes, it attacks my CNS every once in a while, but that’s a totally different story). Usually my immune system and me get along very well. But not right now. I felt a little off balance already yesterday, but it was hockey day, so I decided to not pay too much attention to my scratchy throat. Being at the hockey game, shouting, singing, cheering and screaming probably didn’t do much good for my throat though.
I spent last night and today with hot lemon, hot soup, lots of liquids, cough drops, Meditonsin (a homeopathatic medicine for a beginning cold) and a throat compress, altough I still doubt that the compress is really helping. But it can’t make it worse. I don’t feel so sick, that I want to stay in (or go back to) bed, although I probably should get back into bed anyway and try to sleep or something. But that’s usually the hardest part for me, when I’m sick. Unless I’m really really sick, than I don’t want to get up at all. I rested a lot today though and I’ll go to bed early to get lots of sleep. It gets in the way of the getting ready for Canada plans, but I can’t help it. I don’t want to go to Canada not feeling fit.

Cologne Sharks lost the final series :-(

It’s a sad, sad day today. Berlin won the fourth game and thus won the series with 3:1. In Cologne in our home arena. It’s bitter to lose the finals but to lose it at a home game and to see the other team get the Cup in YOUR arena is …. almost too much. Cologne definitely would have deserved a game five, because they fought so hard and got the lead with an awesome goal of “my” Sebastian Furchner. But Berlin tied with only 90 seconds left in the last period (again!). And they just were a bit luckier in overtime, because the overtime and the whole game was actually really balanced. Cologne fought a bit more and it was their home so they really really would have deserved to win this today! Damn!

The players were really crestfallen after the game, especially our goalie :-( He kept us in the playoffs so many times and I guess a sudden death goal in overtime is extra bitter for the goalie, because he can’t undo it with some great saves later on. Oh boy, this is so so sad! I can’t even tell you how sad it is. And what really really sucks, is that the season farewell party will take place on Tuesday, the only day of this week when I can’t be there! I wanted a last chance to say goodbye (even if not in a one-on-one personal talk) to some of the players who leave Cologne. And to celebrate the team and to thank them for really great playoff hockey and a great season. And now I can’t:-(((( I’ll probably spend the next few days moping!

And what do I have to see on nhl.com? Even the Habs might not make it to the next round? They led 3:0, how is it possible that Boston won three games in a row? Damn! I was so looking forward to Boston being elimnated, because then Marco Sturm definitely would be on Team Germany in Halifax right from the start and we really really need him. I thought the Habs were a safe candidate for round 2. And the Flames have to fight really hard to keep their chance tonight as well. It can’t be that I’m in Canada during the NHL playoffs without any Canadian team still participating… So please: Habs & Flames, don’t let me down !!!

This game is killing me

Why am I not a fan of some sport like synchronized swimming? Or anything you can watch without being in danger of dying from cardiac arrest? I don’t know if I can survive more of these games. Sven Felski (Berlin) found the right words: “It must have been even harder for the fans to watch, because unlike the players as a fan you just can’t DO anything to help.”

Final series of the playoffs, best of five, the series is tied 1:1. Cologne @ Berlin.

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Playoff hockey is exhausting!

I hate my keyboard. Hate, hate, hate! Totally off-topic, but it had to be said! As I am in no condition to work until the caffeine kicks in (I should consider an I.V. *g*) and I have to wait for my colleague (again!) to talk about some stuff and to assign the different tasks, I can spend the time trying to sum up last night. I got almost run over by a car, had a yummy dinner, saw a rather mediocre hockey game, celebrated the victory, managed to get some of the last tickets for game 4. Summed up ok :-)?