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Project365, Week 04: Macro

I just own an ordinary point and shoot camera, a Canon PowerShot A1100S to be exact. It has a few different settings, but it’s not too fancy. The macro setting did work very well for me though. Well, at least I think it did. I had fun taking these photos and to think of everyday item to shoot from a unusal perspective…It was a bit of work sometimes, but a lot of fun.

Lightswitch of the cooker hood in my kitchen
Week 04 - Macro 1
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Project365, Week 03: Breakfast

“Breakfast” sounds like an easy to shot theme at first, but if you don’t want to take a picture of the same old breakfast you’re having each morning it all of a sudden becomes a bit more difficult :-)

Photo 1 – Monday
Close up of my 2nd breakfast at the office

Week 03 - Breakfast 1

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Lazy Weekend…

I’m going back to work tomorrow after three weeks off (two on vacation, one on sick leave). I’m dreading the office, but I guess that’s only natural after three weeks without it :-) I had so many plans for my vacation and instead of following through with those I was sleep deprived and drugged up with painkillers for most of the time. I did manage to catch up with two seasons of Parenthood and 11 movies of the Inspector Lynley Mysteries series. I guess that is an accomplishment of its own, even though some people probably might disagree ;-) But I also did manage to check off one of the major items on my “to do during vacation” list today: Putting up framed photos (30x40cm) from various vacation on my kitchen wall. I’ll post a photo tomorrow or later this week. (I did take a picture of the wall, but because of the artificial light it turned out crappy).

I completed the first full week of the Project365. Not the most inspirational shots yet, but I’m working on it. That all what this project is about after all, right?

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Two More Photos…

Starting from next week I’ll be posting the Project365 in one batch on every Sunday after all. And I definitely have to give some more thought about what to actually take a picture of. Be more creative and pay more attention to my surroundings.

But besides today’s Project365 photo I’ve got another photo which I wanted to share and forgot to do that yesterday. I picked up my xrays from the first doc I saw about my shoulder, because the orthopedic surgeon wanted to take a look at them. In the 21st century you don’t have xrays on film obviously, but in digital form, so I got a DVD with a black and white look of my insides ;-)

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Being Rather Unproductive

My shoulder is doing much better and I slept – back in my bed !! – more than ok for the first night in over a week, but all day long I’ve felt really dizzy most of the time. Maybe it’s still the strange cold I’ve got or some side effects from the pain meds I took over the last few days (not today yet, yay!) or just the stupid change of weather. I don’t mind the change of weather, because the rain will most probably wash away all the dirty and messy and not anymore nice to look at snow around here. I still feel weird.

The last 20 days, which I stayed home (christmas vacation and now sick leave) were so so unproductive. Mostly because I really didn’t feel well enough to *do* anything in in the last week my shoulder didn’t really let me do a lot anyway. I still feel slightly guilty, that I haven’t even got started with all those things I had planned to do, which didn’t necessarily require a working shoulder. Reading study material for my Master’s degree. Finally start working on my vacation photobooks (I’m a couple of years behind on those). These kind of things. Instead I spend my time watching TV series or movies on DVD to catch up with old and new shows. Some might call that productive as well. I’m not sure if I really should call it that though *sigh*

Here are two more project365 photos
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Shoulder Update & Project365

I’m so so tired again. It’s no wonder thanks to the lack of sleep which the sore shoulder caused in the last few days. When I saw a doc the day before Christmas Eve I probably should have been more alert and ask more questions and demand some kind of treatment. but I was so stunned with the diagnosis at first. This doc made it seem like some ibuprofen and rest would take care of the immediate problem and that I just had to train the arm and shoulder muscles later on to prevent from getting a calcific tendonitis again. The doc probably was just too lazy or maybe he didn’t gave me any other advice or treatment option because he knew his practice would be closed during christmas and new year.

Anyway the pain got worse in the week after christmas and I could move my arm less and less. The pain meds  (opiod drops) from my GP did help, but not for a longer stretch of time and especially not really at night. I usually sleep on the side, but I couldn’t do that in the last week, because I couldn’t lie on my left side (shoulder) and I couldn’t lie on the right side either and pull up the arms like I usually do. Even lying on the back didn’t gave the shoulder enough rest to let me sleep ok. I realized that sitting (in my comfy armchair) didn’t bother the shoulder/arm that much, so I tried sleeping in a more or less sitting ( leaning against the headrest and wall) position in bed for two nights. It was better than lying down, but still not good. Probably because my shoulder pain got worse and worse. I spent the last two nights sleeping in my armchair in the living room. It’s pathetic, I know, but I slept better than in bed. Last night probably was the first night in almost a week in which I slept more than four hours. I still woke up several times during the night, but I also slept for a longer stretch of time. I was suprised when I woke up at it was after 8.30 am.

I have to admit my visit to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday morning might have something to do with me being able to sleep. I finally received the kind of treatment I had wished the first doc (before christmas) would have already suggested: An injection with corticoids to fight the inflammation of the bursa (“Schleimbeutel” for all the german readers) in the shoulder. I’m pretty sure the non-treatment of the shoulder made it all worse and caused this heavy inflammation in the first place. And before the orthopedic surgeon can treat the calcium deposit itself, the bursitis has to be treated. The corticoids did seem to help and I’m getting another shot tomorrow and hopefully the inflammation and pain will be gone by the end of the week. After that I will do a shock wave therapy to get rid of the calcium deposits and I really hope that will do the trick. For now.

I want to share the next two photos of my project365 before I’ll get back to my comfy armchair soon to continue watching some TV / DVD, because my brain is just too tired to concentrate on reading. I’m not sure if I want to do seperate posts at the end of the week or post the photos more or less daily, attached to a ordinary post like this one or in a seperate post… I really haven’t figured it out yet. For now I think a daily post will be less work than a weekly one, so I’ll stick with this strategy. For now :-)

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Project365 in 2011: Week 1 – Newness

I considered doing another “Project365” in 2011, starting from the first day of the year and really keep it up with the daily picture. Unlike the longer breaks I took when I did this project in 2008/2009. I was a bit hesitant, because I knew it would be difficult for me to come up with enough ideas to take pictures of. And I didn’t think I would be creative enough to come up with 52 different themes. But thankfully there are other folks who have ideas for project365 themes. ljauss posted a project365 link from the Digital Photography School on twitter and I’m determined to work with these themes for the most part. I might replace some with themes I choose myself, but mostly I think I’ll use these suggestions and will try to try out new things.

The first thing I tried is playing around with Gimp instead of just using the very simple PhotoFiltre to work on my pictures. I haven’t any idea who to use a decent photo software yet (and I’m too thrifty to pay for Photoshop (yet) so the open software Gimp will have to do for now. But I really have to do some tutorials next week, because I really have no idea what it can do. I just played around a bit creating various effects.

The theme for Week 1 (1st and 2nd of January) is “Newness”. The spice-rack in the 2nd picture is in fact really a rather new addition to my kitchen :-)

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