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|Prompts| for Mid-June

I’m really trying to get back into writing and blogging mood. Consider this as an exercise.

|First| Being at a city hall wedding. Lunch at IKEA restaurant. (Those events were unrelated :-) )
|Last| ‘Retired’ from some of my Green Party functions.
|Old| My MS acting up again, which freaks me out and worries me quite a bit, to be honest.
|New| Being addicted to the “Gilmore Girls”
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|Prompts| For Early April

|First| Being officially in charge of a small protest ralley.
|Last| Saying Goodbye to the Cologne Sharks Hockey Team of 2010/11.
|Old| Being pissed at Shonda Rhimes.
|New| AriaAdagio on Twitter.
|Bought| New mattress and new set of sprung slates for my bed.
|Thrown Away| Spoiled food from my fridge. Again. Too busy  & lazy to cook.
|Started| Going to bed at a reasonable hour.
|Finished| My income tax return.
|Planned| Too many meetings and campaigns for work and local politics.
|Learned| To better not rely on my co-worker.
|Forgot| Probably a few things during the chaotic last few days at work.
|Words| “One. Two. Eight. The numbers of decay.” [Start of the latest Simon Beckett novel]
|Tunes| “I don’t dance”
|Moving Pictures| Various episodes of various TV series.
|Sight| Cherry Blossoms at the crossroads.
|Sound| Trees rustling in the wind in my mom’s garden.
|Term| Grün-Rot. [too complicated to explain that one in English]

|Prompts| for Mid-September

|Fast| 165 km/h on the highway, late at night, after a work meeting.

|Furious| Getting work-related calls on my cell, when I’m already off for the day!

|The Good| Coming to an agreement regarding payment for some additional work.

|The Bad| Still so much left to do for my termpaper.

|The Ugly| Clogged toilet. [Don’t ask…]

|Old| One more “OMG, I’m leaving for Canada in less than a week and there is still so much to do” freak out.

|New| Sneak Peeks for the season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

|Bought| “Die Essensfälscher”, the new book from Thilo Bode, the director of the NGO “foodwatch”.

|Thrown Away| Dozens of VHS tapes.

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|Prompts| for the beginning of September

|First| Set up standing order for the new flat’s monthly rent payment.

|Last| Day of procrastination (At least I hope so *g*).

|Old| My collection of moose (stuffed animals, moose made of wood, pins and such). I just can’t throw it away.

|New| Outdoor Jacket.

Lots of tea (to fight  the cold).

|Thrown Away|
Tons of crap from my storeroom.

Packing boxes with books, folders, DVDs, CDs.

Digitalizing the latest CD purchases.

To finally write the “Vasa” blog post this week.

How to use the new CMS at work.

To tell my coworker to clean the coffee mugs.

“I’m so tired of this discussion.” | “I hate this weather.” | “Moving flats is going to be a lot of work.”

“We decided to cancel, because of the heavy rain, so you can stay home.”

Textbooks about enviromental psychology.

|Moving Pictures|
The Big Bang Theory.

Sunrise Avenue, unplugged at the Zeltfestival Ruhr.

Patter of rain.

Morning mist on the river.


Abstract of Week 33 & 34

|Old| Familiar feeling of being at the Stockholm University metro station.

|New| Moose (stuffed animal + pin).

|Bought| A spork, travel pillow and some souvenirs.

|Thrown Away| Already some stuff in the process of getting ready to move out.

|Started| To clean out my closets, cupboards, storage….

|Finished| Organizing a large work meeting in September.

|Planned| Some more (tiny) details of my move.

|Learned| The english term “window” originates from the swedish “vindöga” (wind + eye). [Wikipedia tells the story slightly different :-)]

|Forgot| To pack my brown socks and my travel cutlery set for my trip to Stockholm.

|Saw| The nice old alleys of Gamla Stan again.

|Thought| My oral swedish language skills are really limited.

|Said| “Tack så mycket”.

|Words| Svenska Dagbladet at breakfast at the hotel.

|Tunes| “Shame”.

|Moving Pictures| “Lord of the Rings” trilogy on SVT 3.

|Term| Trängselskatt.

|Sound| The swedish language melody.

|Sight| The Vasa.

Abstract of Week 2010/32

I did, saw, read, listened, watched, learned, thought etc more than it’s stated in this list, of course. But this is a quite a good glimpse into my every-day-life this past week.

|First| using a MetroRadRuhr bike.

|Last| receiving weekly newsletter with flat offers for my query.

|Old| Memories of my time in Stockholm in 1997 / 1998.

|New| Crayons. [For highlighting stuff according to its reference to different parts of my termpaper]

|Bought| Too much chocolate. [“Mars Planets” again to be exact. I’m such an addict…]

|Thrown Away| Food past it’s “best before…” date.

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