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My Winter Wonderland

I’m most probably in the minority with saying this, but… I don’t mind the amount of snow we are getting this year. At least not yet *g*. But honestly, I don’t feel overly troubled by it. I guess, most probably because I’m used to not having to use a car, as I don’t own one. I cover most of my distances on foot or by train, sometimes by bus, but that not necessarily. I definitely get through my days and weeks without a car. Train services in the metro region haven’t been too messed up in the last few days, at least not on the lines I use.
The second reason, why the snow doesn’t bother me that much: I’m off work till January 4th. I haven’t planned a trip to anywhere during this time, I’m staying home and if the snow keeps up I’ll also be staying in and I don’t mind. I’ve got enough books and DVDs to keep me busy. Having two relaxing weeks was the plan in the first place. As long as electricity and the internet are working I’ll be fine :-)

On Friday I wrote down all the various things I want to take care of during my vacation, but I haven’t really started working on any item of that list. I might have to start with making a list with the things I want to get done tomorrow. Baby steps *g*
I started catching up with my TV shows, which I neglected over the last few weeks. I watched episode 8 of “Life Unexpected” and I’m not very much inclined to continue watching. I thought Kate was annoying for a long time now and now Lux is really pissing me off as well. She is such a selfish little bitch. Well, that was my thought at the end of the episode at least. Baze and Emma? Mmmh, not so sure what to think of this couple yet. I haven’t really gotten a big fan of Emma so far. I don’t mind her, but… well, I’ll put this show on the backburner for now.

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