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IV 4 & Work

Four down, one more to go. I got around 5.5 hours of sleep again, which isn’t too bad for a body pumped up with corticoidsteroids. I watched Grey’s this morning (and the review I’ll write tomorrow will probably be the shortest ever. Not because it was a necessarily BAD episode, because I would have lots to criticize then. The idea of doing a time-warp episodes with flashback could have been a good one, if it had actually helped to move the present story forward in some way. But it really didn’t,  so it was a strange episode)

About 10 minutes before me IV ended this morning , another patient got into the room for an IV as well. A woman in her 40s. I’m mean now and can only call her trashy. And I wouldn’t even have minded that much, if she hadn’t been chatty and stupid as well. Ugh! That’s the worst kind and I was so glad I could leave the practice after these few minutes.
I went to the office after that, because there was an important meeting of my bosses and my co-worker had previous appointments so I offered to come in for the the whole administrative stuff. And I didn’t really mind, because the sideeffects aren’t bothering me this much as they did at previous IV cycles. It was ok and the crappy mood I was in when I left, can’t really be blamed on the current MS attack or the meds or sideffects, but the usual meeting madness. It’s really my least favourite part of my job. But it was still ok to do it. I just like to whine and mope a little sometimes :-)

I passed up on two Starbucks visits which I most probably wouldn’t have passed on, if I weren’t trying to give it up for Lent. Once as a dessert treat after lunch and the second at the Central Station on my way back home tonight after the meeting. So yay me, for staying strong. (I just bought lots of chocolate instead *g*)

Not much more to write about though. I’ll definitely go to bed in a short while and try to get some sleep, even though I’m not sure I’ll be able to actually get some. But I should be well rested in the morning, when I plan to head over to my Mom’s place before 6 AM to watch the 2nd game of the German Hockey team together with my brother. Go Germany Go!
I’ve got the other game of our group on at the moment (SWE – BLR) and I’d have to say, the Germans were better against Sweden than Belarus are doing at the moment. So I guess that’s the team we have to beat on Sunday morning!

IV 2 & Lent

Olympics really don’t help with trying to at least get enough sleep during this corticoidsteroids IV cycle *sigh* I don’t sleep well with these meds in my bloodstream anyway and now that I’m forced to stay up late at night to watch Olympics and I have to get up around 7.30 AM to get to the practice around 9 AM and usually doing some stuff in the afternoon (houshold chores or answering some mails or taking care of some small work-related issues) I have no idea when to lay down and try to rest a bit ;-) Oh well, I’m still not walking around zombie-like, so that’s ok so far ;-)
I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep or the meds, that give me a slight headache. Or not even an ache, but it’s just feeling a bit weird. I actually wanted to watch the hockey game CAN – NOR last night, but dozed off before it was supposed to start and when I remembered to turn on the TV, the German station, which was supposed to broadcast it, hadn’t started to do so, but was showing something else (Curling?) instead. So I opted against staying up and did catch a couple of hours of sleep until I 5.30 am, but managed to doze off again for a while. So that’s 4 hours of sleep + maybe 2 hours of on and off dozing. Oh well…

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Starbucks Challenge Ruhr – Detailed Report…

Arrival: 9.40 am
Departure: 10.45 am

I took an unplanned detour through the central station until I got out to the main shopping street. Radio WDR5 was preparing for the weekly “Hallo Ü-Wagen” broadcast right there. It was supposed to start at 11 am, but I didn’t notice any audience yet. I don’t know if some showed up later.

I started this Starbucks Day with a christmas-y “Lebkuchen Latte” (Gingerbread Latte) at the store in the DU Forum mall. I immediately knew that I would have another one of these lattes during the day. Continue reading

Starbucks Challenge Ruhr – First Impressions

Did anyone think this challenge wa a crazy idea? Well, so did I every once in a while today. But crazy doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, right :-)? It was fun in its very own way. I didn’t think that it would be so stressful, but it was. Maybe because the schedule I had worked out was too tight? But for some of the trips between the location there were just two suitable times within the hour so I had to keep that in mind and hurry every once in a while.  And I definitely learned a few things for any future Starbucks Challenge (which I or anyone else might do): Continue reading

Getting Ready For the Starbucks Challenge Ruhr

I got home much later than I thought an for some strange reason my knee hurts, so this is just a short post announcing my Starbucks Challenge Ruhr again, which will take place tomorrow. And this is all the stuff I am going to carry around with me. Continue reading