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My TV Series From A – Z

I updated the „I’ve watched” page on this blog on Friday and thought I’d do a short review of all the TV series I’ve so far watched this year. [I also for a short moment considered writing a „this and that happened in my life recently” post, but it’s all so ordinary and boring and … well, I’ve watched a lot of TV series recently, so mayb that’s why nothing extraordinary happened.] Anyway, a short review in alphabetical order.

Brothers & Sisters: Up until this last season (which turned out to actually be the last season of the show) I really liked this show. I had fun following the Walkers through their lives and I overlooked a lot of far-fetched storylines. But in 2010/11 the writing really went down the drain. Seriously, I was convinced that there was crack being handed around the writer’s room, because the writing was sooooo bad. I stopped watching after the first few episodes but friends told me the show got less bad later on, so I joined in again. There was still a lot of crap, but there also were nice and cute stories, and I didn’t want to abandon the Walkers after all these years. I think ABC was right to not bring the show back for another season though.

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