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Subconscious Refusal ?

Once again I have the distinct feeling that my life sucks. I can’t really say why. Well, I can, but it probably doesn’t make sense, because it seems like it would be easy to do something about it. My inability to do just that, ist what sucks the most, I guess. I feel overstrained by so many things I have to do. All of them rather ordinary, nothing super special, nothing too complicated or too difficult. I guess it’s just the sum of all the crap. I’m beyond annoyed by my colleague. I’m too tired now to explain what’s the problem. Believe me I actually tried, but it’s complicated to explain. The thing is, that he obviously doesn’t get why his behaviour annoys me. On the other hand: I’m too nice to actually call him out on his crap. I like him. Basically. It’s just… ARGH! But I’m annoyed about it, and then I’m mad at myself, that I don’t tell him, that it’s annoying. Maybe it will help that we have a meeting with our bosses this week. Not about that stuff, but it probably will come up anyway.
I’ve got a bunch of different assignments in job#2. None of them is a big deal, it’s just the sum of them together. I feel like I’m constantly forgetting something. And I am. Which could be avoided if I just work more diligently on all of that. And there are a couple of things to do in the local politics part of my life. Quite many actually. Various council meetings, electorial campaigns that have to be organized and even more meetings.. Once again I feel like I’m losing track of the things I have to do and who I have to meet up with. I probably just have to get my everyday life better organized. I’m usually good at organizing, and I don’t know why I’m not capable to just do that in my life at the moment. Recently I haven’t spent any time working on the grad school assignments, which are due in April / May. Continue reading

A “Victim’s” report: The Killers concert in Cologne

I could mope about a couple of things that went wrong yesterday and beat myself up about the lack of motiviation to write my term paper, but I was going for more substantial stuff here, so I’ll confine myself to give you a concert review from last night. The Killers concert took place as part of the Vodafone music unlimited festival in Cologne. Outdoors directly in front of the cathedral, which is a cool location for any concert. (My cameraphone provides rather crappy pictures, sorry) Continue reading

Whiling Away Time with the Killers Top 10

I’m a master in whiling away my time. I planned to do a couple of things yesterday afternoon, but of course I just did a very few of them. Re-Reading “Lightning Strikes Twice” is just so time-consuming. And addictive and I guess it will be in the next couple of days as well.
I decided to not go to work today, because there is no way that the really loud re-construction in the building with my temp office will be finished already And it’s just impossible to work when there is loud screeching and or hammering from the drills and jackhammers all around the office. I can’t talk on the phone, I can’t concentrate and the apruptly stop and start of the noise is nervwrecking. At least my nerves were wrecked after only 20 minutes and a cellphone call I had to answer out on the yard, where there still was noise from some re-construction stuff on the other parts of the building. So I just set up call forwarding to my cellphone and left.
I definitely have to go in tomorrow though to check the mail before I leave for my short London trip. As there isn’t anything urgent to work on at the moment it’s not a big problem to stay at home and I could use the time at home to be productive and… well, if I didn’t have to restrain myself from compiling another “to-do-today” list and instead just start doing it!

Anyway at least finally is here my Killers Top10. And it took me about an hour to figure out the flash player / addblock conflict on my firefox. Talking about whiling away time….

Continue reading

Killers in Cologne … YAY!

This has to be the week of insanely spontaneous decisions. Which might be the only thing keeping me sane in an stressful week. I hope I’ll find the time and ease to blog about some things tomorrow. Like the impossibility to even get a glimpse of all that London has to offer in mere three days. My plan for the London weekend seems awfully packed, and I’m not even planning on going into a museum or gallery or… well, there is too much to see and do in London, I can assure you.
Reason for this late-night jubilant post: Around 0.45 am I checked my feedreader for the last time, before I turn off the computer. One title immediately got my attention. It was on the feed from The Killers and said: The Killers to perform at Roncalliplatz in Germany on August 9th, 2008. OH.MY.GOD! As fast as my shaky hands let me use mouse and keyboard I checked the link to the ticket service, checked my calendar and mere 10 minutes later I had bought a ticket to see The Killers in Cologne in about seven weeks. *squeeeeeeeeeeeee*

How did I live without internet 10 years ago ?!?!? You had to find out about the concert, you had to find out where to get tickets and you had to go somewhere (=big metropolitan city, because there was no ticket shop in our small suburbian town) to buy the ticket. And now, just a few clicks and … I AM GOING TO SEE THE KILLERS IN CONCERT! “If somebody told me…” that just a few days ago. I’m almost jumping up and down right now, because it’s one of my concert dreams come true. Yay!

Miscellaneous, 2008/04/21

I so do NOT need a cold right now! obviously my immune system hates me (well yes, it attacks my CNS every once in a while, but that’s a totally different story). Usually my immune system and me get along very well. But not right now. I felt a little off balance already yesterday, but it was hockey day, so I decided to not pay too much attention to my scratchy throat. Being at the hockey game, shouting, singing, cheering and screaming probably didn’t do much good for my throat though.
I spent last night and today with hot lemon, hot soup, lots of liquids, cough drops, Meditonsin (a homeopathatic medicine for a beginning cold) and a throat compress, altough I still doubt that the compress is really helping. But it can’t make it worse. I don’t feel so sick, that I want to stay in (or go back to) bed, although I probably should get back into bed anyway and try to sleep or something. But that’s usually the hardest part for me, when I’m sick. Unless I’m really really sick, than I don’t want to get up at all. I rested a lot today though and I’ll go to bed early to get lots of sleep. It gets in the way of the getting ready for Canada plans, but I can’t help it. I don’t want to go to Canada not feeling fit.