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Getting Lost In New Hampshire

I forgot to include this story in yesterday’s post. We  were heading back to North Conway after the beautiful day on the roads around Mount Washington. I don’t know why we were talking about episodes 4.01 and 4.02 of “The West Wing” , in which Donna, Josh and Toby miss the campaign bus and are getting lost in Idaho (or whereever they were in the middle of nowhere in the US) while they are desperately trying to catch up with the rest of the campaign folks. We loved these episodes and we love Donna, so we continued to chat about favourite Donna moments while we were driving on. After a while we paid attention to our surroundings again and they didn’t look that familiar. And we should have reached out hotel by now anyway. We were contemplating if we were really still on the right road, when we saw the sign on the side of the road: State Line Maine. Ups! So not the right direction. Where other people maybe would have gotten frustrated or annoyed we just had a fit of hysterical laughter, because our sense of direction obviously was no better than Josh’s and Toby’s. I will never make fun of those two again :-) Luckily North Conway was just a few miles west of the state line, so all was well after all…

364 days in the West Wing

On this weekend a year ago I started watching “The West Wing”. I was all kinds of busy during most of this summer (well actually from May to October or something) so I took a quite long hiatus, but I was busy watching the show during the last few weeks. I know it’s a bit crazy to want to finish watching a DVD box on a certain date, but I’m crazy like that sometimes. Does it surprise anyone that I’d love to start watching it all over again from the start?

It’s been such enjoyable and entertaining experience and I won’t even try to pin down what I liked most about it, because it would probably turn into a loooong list of various things. It was so so well written with great storylines, real (lovable and flawed) characters and witty and brilliant dialogues. It was such a ride to accompany CJ, Josh, Leo, Donna, Toby, Charlie and the many, many more through these years and to see them grow and evolve and learn and just be great great characters.
I shed quite some tears during the last few episodes, starting on Election Day (Part 2) and of course in the last two episodes, when the Bartlet years in the White House so noticably come to end. To see them all pack up the stuff in boxes and make room for a whole new staff… It was just sad to see, even though it’s such a natural course of a work life, especially in this profession. To me the most moving moment from the finale was after the Inaugaration, when Jed Bartlet said goodbye to his successor Matt Santos with the words: “Make me proud, Mr. President”. *sigh* There were so many great and moving moments in these last two episodes, CJ and Danny, CJ and Toby and I’m tempted to quote some of the most memorable moments, but than we’d be back to the loooooong list, so I’ll refrain from doing that.

Definitely one of the best TV shows of this last decade. To me probably even THE best. I clearly (and dearly) love my “Grey’s Anatomy” but you just can’t compare these two shows. Not at all.

One Reason Why I’ll Never Be P.O.T.U.S.

Last Sunday I finally found the time to start my regular visits to “The West Wing” again and once I started it was really difficult to stay away. And now it’s difficult to not make this post a long one, gushing about the guys on the show and the stories and everything. I’ll do that in a post later, I promise. I’ve watched episode 6.09 and 6.10 last night, in which Bartlet suffers through a severe MS attack. Of course I watched the events unfold with slight unease, because a) I’m hypercritical when it comes to MS portrayed on TV shows / movies and b) I usually try to not think about what could happen to me one day. It ‘s not that I’m really want to be oblivious and ignorant, because I do know the facts and I know what could happen. But most of my MS attacks have been comparatively mild, so I’m trying to keep that in mind and I hope that my life with this disease will be compartively normal. And believe (or at least try to) that I won’t suffer from severe attacks in the future, when I haven’t suffered from severe attacks in the past. Maybe that wishful thinking. I’m sure, part of it IS wishful thinking. But it’s that wishful thinking that is keeping me sane. Because I usually am a glass-half-empty person and worry too much and anticipate the worst. If I did that with the MS, I would have gone crazy a long time ago.

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Miscellaneous on October 25th, 2009

I actually wanted to post that entry even yesterday, but I somehow never got around to do it. When I got home Friday night I realized that I hadn’t posted that my mom was discharged already on Friday and back home again. I should have posted that right away, but I was so busy throughout the day. She was supposed to be discharged on Saturday (or even later), so on Friday morning it took some phonecalls and organization to have one of my brothers pick her up, but it worked and she was home before 11 AM.
I spent most of the day over at her place to catch up and be there if she needed me to take care of some stuff. It was also Bro3’s birthday, so there was cake :-) The rest of the day I spent working on my termpaper for a while and writing my Grey’s review, before I had to get ready for the very low-key birthday celebrations at Bro3’s favourite pub. We had a great time and I drank much more alcohol than usual, because Bro3 was paying. It’s true that it’s really risky, if you don’t have to pay for your own drinks, because you loose count. At least I did and even though I didn’t really drink that much or anything stronger than a “Radler” (a traditional German beer/soda mix), I was kind of drunk when I left. And we had a really great time. I just hated that my clothes and my hair smelled like I had spent the night sleeping in an ashtray. Why do I have to live in the only country without a effective smoking ban ?

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Even More Happy Moments…

My wall clock’s battery was running low. And I was wondering how it can be only 10.30 when it felt like much later. So I guess after watching two West Wing episodes I won’t read much longer tonight, but go to bed soon. When I thought about my happy moment of the day for the weekly happy moments post, I couldn’t decide which one to pick. So this will be the exceptional “a few happy moments in one day” post. And I will link to it in the weekly post :-)
The funny thing is, that I didn’t expected much happy moments today at all. I had to get up earlier than usual due to an early board meeting, which took longer than expected. Which lead to a stressful afternoon because a bunch (around 70) mails had to be sent today. Personalized with various different attachment, but at least similar text so I could copy&paste most of it. It still was tedious and boring work. And it took me much longer than I expected as well. And I didn’t have time for breakfast in the morning and just had some small snacks during the day. Rather not happy moments at all.

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2nd Week of Sick Leave :-(

Well, that didn’t turn out like I planned. The corticosteroid IV actually helped with the MS attack, everything’s more or less ok on that front. I even handled the sideeffects (lack of sleep, restlessness) rather well, I thought. I could keep the muscle pain (from the ‘withdrawal’) in check with rest and some painkillers on Saturday.But yesterday afternooon my heart started to race. Or at least it felt like it did. It was beating fast and hard, like I had run a marathon. It really felt wrong and my heart didn’t calm down, even when I was going to bed and lying still. I also felt slightly nauseaous, which might have been caused by the racing heart and the growing panic, that it didn’t calm down. Or maybe the heart was beating so fast, because I was feeling nauseaous.

I went to my neuro this morning for the post IV bloodwork and also told him about my symptoms. He was sure that that this was caused by the meds I got last week, because that’s bascially what the do the bloodwork for: To check the elektrolytes (K/Na etc) status in my blood, which might have been messed up by the IVs. And a misbalance in elektrolytes can cause all sort of things. The bloodwork results won’t be back before tomorrow though.

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IV 4 & US Presidents…

Four done, one left to go tomorrow. I was so groggy last night, went to bed around 10.45 pm and got about 5 and 1/2 hours of sleep last night. Plus some short naps for the rest of the night, well morning actually. But it definitely was in improvement. I felt rather relaxed, when I got up. At least for the situation I’m in. And the corticosteroids help to keep the tiredness at bay during the day. I was actually feeling up to think about some stuff. About local politics and budgets and such. Vast improvement to the days earlier this week, which were only spent with watching DVDs. I love watching DVDs, but when you know you could and actualyl should spent the day more productive, it makes you feel bad to not be able to just that.

Anyway, today I did. I also spent some time doing Facebooks quizzes. Pointless I know, but fun every once in a while. And one made me laugh so hard, because the question which West Wing character I am, was answered with… no, not Donna Moss, but Jed Bartlet himself. Which is especially funny at the moment, with me on MS sick leave and all. And there wasn’t even a question about health problems.  But I’m obviously presidental material… :-)

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