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Not in vacation mood yet…

Usually this would be a “I’m off for a (short) vacation” post. But as I’m taking my netbook with me this time, because I might have to reply to some work emails on Thursday and Friday, I’m not really offline. There is wi-fi at the hotel and I didn’t buy my small netbook a few months ago for no reason, did I? I even didn’t written down a list of all the things I want to see, but used a communitywalk map instead. For the first time and only because I knew I could be online in the mornings to quickly look up various details for the things I might to on that day. And it feels like I did not really make a lot of detailed plans for the 4-day-stay anyway. Oh well, I have the complete 2 hours flight tomorrow evening to think about what I will do first on Thursday.
The weather forecast screwed with the vague kind of plan I had for the first day anyway, because it’s expected to be 15 °C and raining. So not what Stockholm in the summer should be *sigh* But there are tons of old and new museums I can and want to visit so I guess I’ll start with that and will do the “just strolling around” on the weekend.
I haven’t been super excited about this trip for the last few days, probably because I had other things on my mind. But I just checked-in for the flight tomorrow evening (to save me the time at the airport tomorrow) and now I’m starting to be excited. At least a little bit :-) Maybe the fact that I have to be at the office tomorrow keeps me from getting in the happy excited travel mood.

But I’m sure once I’ll be roaming the alleys of Gamla Stan or be visiting the moose in Skansen I’ll be so so happy to be back in town.

Day 4 – Isle of Skye

The days need more than 24 hours. Or I need to not be so addicted to the story of Jamie & Claire *sigh* Anyway, here is the next round of photos. I will always remember day 4 as the most perfect day of this vacation and the photos don’t do the day justice at all. Some sights and views and feelings just can’t be captured with a camera. I will still remember it.

We started with driving out to the most western point of the Isle of Skye. Neist Point Lighthouse. It’s not in operation anymore and it’s not much to look at in the sense of picturesque lighthouses, which disappointed me a wee bit. [Notice, that this is the first time I use ‘wee’ in my Scotland posts? Why didn’t I use it before? *wonders*] I just have a thing for lighthouses, if you haven’t known that yet.

So this was the path to the lighthouse, we started in the right corner of this picture…

Footpath to the Neist Point Lighthouse, Isle of Skye, Scotland

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Day 3 – Inverness to Isle of Skye

My mom will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Yay! As it turned out there is nothing wrong with her heart, nothing new anyway. It were the usual arrhythmia. But in her case you just never know. Anyway, I’ll be taken off work tomorrow to pick her up and maybe I will also find some time to post more photos. And take care of a lot of stuff for job #2. And to start ironing lots of laundry. And to work on some stuff for the local Greens. And maybe to read a bit more of book 4 of the Outlander series. I already know that I will have a hard time to not spent hours immersed in the story. I hardly find time to watch the daily Grey’s episode for the marathon *g* But that’s where I will turn to now and leave you with a new round of photos…

Day 3 started with the visit to yet another waterfall and here’s a photo even though I don’t remember the name or the exact location.

Waterfalls, Somewhere in Scotland

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New Lanark, Loch Lomond, Stirling Castle

During my stay in Glasgow I did 2 day trips to other location, the first one by train on my own, the second one with a travel company in a minivan. The first trip was to New Lanark, which is a former industrial site from the 18th century, beautifully restored and a world heritage site. Interesting is not just the industrial heritage, but also the social issues, the mills manager took to his heart 200 years ago. There were schools for the children and cheap housing for the workers, free health care and a lot more extraordinary things for this time. New Lanark is situated on the river Clye, and there were a few waterfalls close by, but I just walked to the first one, because it was so warm. And I brought my jacket along, because there were possible thunderstorms on the forecast. No rain all day and rather the opposite I was sweating. But I’m not complaining.

The second day trip took my to the well known Loch Lomond and through the Trossachs, which is a beautiful area, with lots of forest and green hills and lakes. Our last stop was Stirling Castle. Stirling has been the capital of Scotland in the mediavel times, because of it’s location. It’s up on a hill with lots of plains all around so you could see your enemies regardless from where they wanted to attack you. Enough talk, here are a few photos…

New Lanark

New Lanark, Scotland

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Hello From Sunny Scotland

This entry is brought to you with courtesy of the Belgrave Hotel, Glasgow, which provides computers and free internet access in every room. At least I think it’s in every room. There is one in my room anyway. But its keyboard is a nuisance, because some keys have to be pressed very firmly, which slows down typing quite a bit. I decided to try an update anyway as long as I have internet so easy available.

The trip by train to London last Friday didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped, but for once this was no fault of German Rail, but due to some track problems in Belgium. I freaked out a bit, when it was clear, that I’d miss the EuroStar train I was booked for. But it was no problem at all to take the next one, and I wasn’t the only passenger headed to London on the delayed train. So I got there an hour later as planned, but I got there after all :-)
And my first thing was to buy an Oyster Card for the tube and busses. Whoever invented that thing should get a medal, because it’s so much easier to use than the Travelcard. My hotel wasn’t close to the city center, which I didn’t mind. What I did mind, that I happen to get a room on the groundfloor, next to the 24 hour reception and on a rather loud street. Even with earplugs I obviously didn’t sleep too well, because I was pretty exhausted after four nights. Thank God this hotel in Glasgow is located in a rather quiet neighbourhood.

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Signing Off For A While…

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Everything’s packed, the apartement is cleaned, the mail is taken care of… Now I just have to sign off the blogosphere. I’ll be away on vacation (finally!) in London, Glasgow, the Highlands and Edinburgh until Monday, July 6th. I might drop by once or twice to give you an update, but I can’t promise anything.

I think after a short withdrawel I will enjoy the time offline without blogs and journals and news and gossip sites and even (or maybe especially) without the distracting twitterverse :-) As much fun as it is, it sometimes also can be stressful. Or maybe I’m just using twitter in a stressful way ? Anyway, I’ve got a little over two weeks to ponder about that… See you on July 7th.

What I’ve Been Up To…

The last few weeks proved that twitter has definitely changed my way of blogging. Before I started to use twitter I posted much more, because whenever I had to get some of the mundane, ordinary stuff off my chest, I sat down and wrote a blog post about it. Twitter gets things off my chest and thoughts out of my mind so much quicker and easier than a blog post. But add busy days and weeks into the mix and a lot of stories I usually would have written about remain untold, because I don’t find the time or am too tired to write a post about it. I don’t know yet how I feel about that development.

+ + + + + + + +

I was – once again – pretty busy with work this week, but at least everything I had to work on or had to deal with, went well so far. My local Greens finally have a candidate for each electorial district, which wasn’t easy to accomplish and which actually troubled me a lot a few weeks ago. So this load is definitely off my mind. During the last couple of days I even managed to start working on the school assignment I have to repeat. I have to return some of the books soon, because they’d be due during my vacation, so I have to at least skim through them and copy relevent parts.

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