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My Night With Edward & Benjamin…

I’m so exhausted. And I dread the next week, because it will be just as busy as this one. Which was partially my own fault. I could have used yesterday to chill and relax. But instead Hai_di and I went to Cologne and watched TWO movies in a row. Which was fun though and entertaining and I don’t regret it. We rarely have the chance to watch movies in the original (undubbed) version around here and a cinema in Cologne is showing the original versions of “Twilight” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” so we decided to watch both of the movies on one day. Due to my exhaustion these will be short reviews.

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Oh Happy Day…

Yay for more happy moments today. Most of them were rather random, but still… they made me happy. Except for the loooong green party meeting tonight it was a very nice day. And the long meeting didn’t even bother me that much because the radio played an old Erasure song which I could sing along on my way home. I usually don’t sing along with the radio that much while I’m driving, but tonight I just felt like it :-)

I went to a copy shop to order 50 professional copies of our study and the guy was really helpful and nice, just like any customer would want the staff of any shop to be. He even offered to drop the copies of at our office without an extra fee, because it’s on his way back home anyway.
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Just Finished the Twilight Series

Wow! I can’t remember reading a complete novel series within just one week. And not a vacation week with nothing else on my agenda. There was work (busy, busy, busy work) and friends and politics and TV shows and all that stuff. But I finished “Breaking Dawn” just a few moments ago. During my afternoon coffee break at work :-) 

All in all I really enjoyed reading the whole series. The final book was different than the first three and I definitely hadn’t expect these events and development. Once I got over that and let go of my expecations I had fun reading it. But I think Stephanie Meyers got carried away with quite a few ideas. I don’t know, maybe I’m just still a bit disappointed that she didn’t predict MY expecations and wrote the story in the way I would have loved to read it… Continue reading

Such a Lazy Weekend

Another 38 hours (or something like that) later I’ve finished “Eclipse” as well. I’m afraid with an ordinary week ahead “Breaking Dawn” will take a while longer :-) I didn’t really do much else besides reading this weekend. Ok, and grocery shopping, buying an office chair, doing the usual weekend household chores, studying for a bit and  and watching some TV/DVD. I liked “Eclipse” for the most part. I still love the totally casual way the vampire lifestyle is presented here and I still think Edward is too good to be true. But some parts of the story were just dragged out too long for my taste. All the historical stuff about the southern vampires and the old legends from Billy and the folks in La Push. And even the whole love triangle story maybe could have been told in a less repetitive way. I’m still looking forward to reading “Breaking Dawn” though, which I know I will start reading on my way to work tomorrow.

Among the TV/DVD stuff I watched was the first new episode of “Brothers & Sisters” which I liked a lot, I’m glad the Walkers are back. And while I was ironing two loads of laundry this afternoon I watched the first episode of “Journeyman”. It took me a while to get really interested, because it is sort of confusing and I’m not THAT big a fan of Kevin McKidd, that I would watch anything he is in. But in the end I liked this story well enough, so I’ll probably watch the next ones to and see if I’m getting really interested in the whole season. It really made me laugh though, that the kid he had tried to protect was some surgeon teenage prodigy who already saved someone with a tracheotomy, just like Owen Hunt did on Grey’s Anatomy :)

And now I’m off to bed, because spending a whole day reading is exhausting! And just for the record: here in my town it rained nonstop today which sucked. I usually step outside every day, even on weekends, for any reason, but today nothing could make be leave my dry apartement. This weather sucks and I’m already now dreading to have to work to the train station tomorrow morning.

Miscellaneous, 2008/10/03

It took me 38 hours to finish “New Moon”. Not reading for 38 hours of course, on the contrary. Besides so ordinarly things like grocery shopping, cooking some dinner, taking a shower, spend some time onlineand all that, these 38 hours also included a 7 hour work day, being out dancing for 4,5 hours, sleeping for about 7 hours and spending 4 wonderful hours celebrating a very special 10th birthday with some wonderful friends. So all in all I really didn’t read that long. And I’m so tempted to continue with “Eclipse” right away, because I’m dying to know how the deal between Edward and Bella turns out. This story is addictive, that it’s scary :-) But I really have some other things to work on so I’ll try my best to not go back to Forks first thing tomorrow morning but instead postpone that until at least late afternoon. To make some more time for reading I even didn’t buy my weekly newspaper, because reading that paper always takes a couple of hours of my week. Talking about addiction…

° ° ° ° °

I watched the first new episode of Private Practice tonight (one of the things I had to “work” on and my attempt to not let vampires take over my life as well) and I’m glad that the Oceanside Wellness Center is back. I like these guys, some more than the others, but it’s nice to watch them at their jobs and their struggles in their personal and especially romantic life. The ratings for this episode have been disastrous and I’m afraid we might not even get to see a full season. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though. I want to get to know more about Pete…

° ° ° ° °

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I would write a post about how running a fan-website for 10 years can change your life and even though today was the 10th birthday I don’t feel to inclined to actually do so. What does that say about me *wonders*? I’m still baffeled that it’s lasted for this long and that it’s been such a success. I’ve met a lot of nice folks, found some great friends (who threw me the forementioned little birthday party today), experienced so many awesome moments and definitely grew as a person. And I’m extremly grateful for all of that. More than I probably could ever express here, so what’s the point :-)?

° ° ° ° °

There isn’t even a fourth thing to write about now. I lead such a boring life. Or maybe I’m just too tired.

Tiny little update…

I’m extremely busy at work recently and I love it. There are a few tiny things that are annoying me, but all in all it feels really nice to actually be productive and to see the result of my work. If all works out the way we hope, the next Thomas Godoj might not have to go through all the DSDS crap to become a popstar. And whoever the next popstar from our metropolitan area will be, I hope he will remember to thank me personally for all MY work. Just kidding :-)

I’ve finished “Twilight” last night and started “New Moon” this morning orn my way to work. So far I like it just as much as the first book. I’m still suprised I can enjoy something as trivial as Meyers writing, but she got me totally hooked. And it’s so funny sometimes, because she perfectly manages to grasp the absurdity of the whole “in love with a vampire” concept and to play around with the funny sides of it.

Last night I also watched the movie trailer online and thought I’d seen a familiar face. And I was right: Esme is played by Elizabeth “crazy Ava/Rebecca” Reaser. I didn’t know that before. But I wasn’t really interested in any Twilight thing before, so there was no reason for me to look up the cast that anyway.

Ok, now I really should get back to work. When I have to be productive time seems to fly and before I’ll know it I can return to my Edward *g* Oh my, there are so many things I have to do at home, so I guess I should limit my reading time (on work days at least) to my commute to an from work.