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Finally… A Few Vacation Pictures

I’ve been back from my short vacation since last Sunday and still haven’t posted some photos. Shame on me (and my procrastination habit). There are a lot of other things I was supposed to be doing but than Nathaniel and Elizabeth from “Into the Wilderness” kept me entertained so much that it was (and still is) hard to put the book down. I really should find some strategies to overcome my procrastination tendency.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures from my 4-day trip to the Lower Rhine Region and a link to the photoalbum will be found at the end of this post. I’d love to comment on a few (or a lot *g*) of those pictures and tell you a tiny bit more about the trip and that’s what this post is about.

I stayed in a tiny, but amazing B&B with wonderful hosts and an amazing breakfast every morning:

02 breakfast
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A Change of Scenery Can Do Wonders…

This post will not include pictures (yet), because I wrongly assumed that my new camera had the same USB recaptable than my phone and thus I didn’t bring the right connector/plug to transfer photos to my netbook. I might either update this post with photos in a few days or more likely write a follow up post with lots of pictures.

I had planned this short vacation because I was so sick of my everyday life. Tired of the daily hassle of work at the office and work for my local Greens. Tired of various other seemingly important issues I have to deal with. I had hoped that a mere change of scenery would help to leave all the stress and (more emotionally than physically) tiresome stuff behind. I admit that I somehow expected it to not work out this way and that I would still spend too much time thinking about non-vacation stuff.
So imagine my suprise and more important my delight when I realized that this vacation here obviously was/is just what I needed. All the issues and all the people that used to bother me to some degree seem so far away. Stored away somewhere in the far back of my mind. I just don’t think about any of it. At all. Except right now when I actually try to remember all the stuff I don’t think about at the moment, if that makes any sense.

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I’ve been awake for 30 hours because I just couldn’t get any sleep on the plane back home, so I probably head to bed soon. But I’m afraid if I go to bed too early, I’ll be awake in the very early hours of the morning and suffer through another jetlagged day. So I’ll try to stay awake for a little while more. The trip back home to Germany went fine and I even already managed to stock my fridge, catch up with my family, sort through my mail, unpack my suitcase, put in the first load of laundry, let the new tennant of my flat take measures of the kitchen once more… Rather busy for someone who just returned from a wonderful vacation. After spending two weeks in the company of at least one, but most of the time 3 other girls, it feels really weird to be on my own at the moment. The flat is so quit, when neither music or TV are running.

I think I’ll be watching parts of the first few Grey’s Season 7 episodes while I wait for the laundry to be finished and while I have a simple dinner. I want to write a post about this start into season 7, so I better start gathring my thoughts and what better way is there, than to watch parts of the episodes again?

So I’ll just leave you with my food photo of the day ;-). Back to my simple favourites…

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Roaming Meredith Grey’s college campus

We left North Conway yesterday morning with a cloudy sky and some drizzle on and off while we were driving west on the Kancamagus highway. We managed to get out of the car and walk for a short while to various locations with a scenic view, waterfalls and such. At the Franconia Notch State Park we didn’t actually go into the park (lack of time, bad weather and the entrance fee), but just stopped at a few lookout spots. From there we drove down to White River Junction, VT and it was pouring when we reached our motel. The weathergods have been good to us on this trip, so we can’t really complain. We drove back up the few miles to Hanover, NH to have a look at the college campus and find a nice place to have dinner. Until I read it either in the travelguide or in on a street sign, I had no idea that the college in Hanover is the Dartmouth College. The moment my brain registered this information it also recalled the image of a grey Dartmouth T-Shirt and of course one of my alltime favourite Grey’s moments: “You were wearing that ratty little Dartmouth T-Shirt you look so good in. The one with the hole at the back of the neck.” *sigh*

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Getting Lost In New Hampshire

I forgot to include this story in yesterday’s post. We  were heading back to North Conway after the beautiful day on the roads around Mount Washington. I don’t know why we were talking about episodes 4.01 and 4.02 of “The West Wing” , in which Donna, Josh and Toby miss the campaign bus and are getting lost in Idaho (or whereever they were in the middle of nowhere in the US) while they are desperately trying to catch up with the rest of the campaign folks. We loved these episodes and we love Donna, so we continued to chat about favourite Donna moments while we were driving on. After a while we paid attention to our surroundings again and they didn’t look that familiar. And we should have reached out hotel by now anyway. We were contemplating if we were really still on the right road, when we saw the sign on the side of the road: State Line Maine. Ups! So not the right direction. Where other people maybe would have gotten frustrated or annoyed we just had a fit of hysterical laughter, because our sense of direction obviously was no better than Josh’s and Toby’s. I will never make fun of those two again :-) Luckily North Conway was just a few miles west of the state line, so all was well after all…


I’d say 50% of our communication today consisted of the following few words and phrases:

Oh My God! – How beautiful. – Just incredible. – So so cool! – We are so lucky to be able to see this. – Awesome! – Back home they won’t believe this! – Un-be-lievable.

And of course my favourite line of this trip: „We didn’t see (something like) that in Montreal”. But seriously, today’s trip around Mount Washington in New Hampshire can’t really put into words. Even the pictures we took won’t and can’t do the experience justice. The visual images. The light, the sound.. .everything. We seriously were out of words to describe it after a while and in the late afternoon all we could manage was a happy collective sigh :-)

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Hello From Beautiful Nova Scotia

The first week of our vacation is already over, so it’s about time I’ll check in here. I’ve been online almost every evening for a few minutes, but mostly just to read my mails, check the weather forecasts and some details for next day’s trip, read some blogs and such.

We’re having such an amazing time in “the new world”. I have to admit, I was pretty much underwhelmed by Montreal. Maybe it was the jetlag and the nasty weather (rain and max 15°C, one of my first souvenirs was a knitted hat!), but I had expected something more like Toronto. Montreal didn’t feel like a big city to us. Maybe we were just not hanging out in the right places? The Centre Bell, the hockey arena of the Montreal Canadiens was impressive though. We didn’t manage to do a tour of the building, but we did visit their hockey hall of fame, spend some time in the amazing fanshop and most of all outside on the plaza. Such a cool place for a hockey fan.

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