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Another Hockey Post…

I’m feeling weird today. Maybe it’s the weather, which is weird around here as well. It was wonderfully sunny yesterday and now we’re back to cloudy :-( Which doesn’t really motivate me to do anything useful. Well, I did clean my dishes, finally updated the fansite I’m running. I should also sort some Greens stuff and work on my revising my parts for our electoral program. I might do that later today. “Might” is the key word of that sentence :-)
I’m also planning to revise all my work for the willingly failed paper for the Education course. And to sort out which of the dozens of books I got from various libraries, I can already return. In the desperate attempt to write this paper within a couple of days, I got so many books without having a real plan which books I really need. And because I couldn’t get some of the books I wanted / needed within the time I only had to write the paper. So with the additional time I have now to write the paper again, I can spend more time and serious thoughts about which book I need and should get.

I might be doing doing this tonight while watching the Detroit – Anaheim game tonight at 8 PM, because I actually don’t care which team wins this one. I don’t care about these teams / series at all. 2009 is the first year I really follow the NHL playoffs, because I can watch some of the games, thanks to my new digital cable. I was actually mainly rooting for all three Canadian teams, because they are… Canadian! :-) After watching the Washington Capitals for the first time, the Caps at once slipped into one of my top spots. So here is my current of favourite NHL teams (of the teams still participating in the playoffs). This list and reasons behind my ranking are totally totally subjective, but every like/dislike has to start with something, right :-)?

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