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Today’s Leftovers, 5th Issue, 2011

I wrote a “Leftovers” post on the train on my way to Berlin on Thursday, but the mobile internet connection sucked, so I couldn’t post it and I was to busy to do that while I was in Berlin. It wasn’t important stuff anyway, just my attempt to leave some kind of “I’m still alive” message here.
I’ve written this post on the train on my way back home and was smart enough to not even try to post it until I got home to my wi-fi : -)

~ ~ ~

I had a great time in Berlin. I didn’t do as many of the tourist-y things I planned to do, but I guess that’s typical for these kind of weekends in the big city : -) All the more reason to come back and not wait another 10 years (it’s been that long since my last and actually first ever trip to our capital)

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Today’s Leftovers, 3rd issue, 2010

I finished listening to the last book of the audiobooks of the Outlander novel series and I’m tempted to start all over again. The same kind of withdrawel I lived through after I had finished readling all the books in the summer of 2009. I just LOVE this epic story and Davina Porter, who narrates these audiobooks is doing such a fantastic job. I usually prefer reading to listening, but she made listening such a pleasure. But it will be nice to tackle some written novels for a change :-)


I managed to cut back on the ibuprofen for my shoulder pain over the last two days and just held the pain at bay with ice pack and rest. Today though I woke up with quite some pain and even though I tried to rest the shoulder, I only managed to do that to some extent. When I got back home from a trip to the supermarket, I took 1 and 1/2 of the ibuprofen, because I recalled something with “1/2” for maximum single dose. When I checked it again later it turned out to be max 1/2 – 1 pill *g*. Oh well… in the paragraph above it’s said that the maximum single dose is supposed to be 800mg. I took 900mg, so it’s not really a big deal. And it DID help immensly, so…


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The Busiest Week In Recent Years

I can’t remember having had such a stressful week in the recent years as the last one has been. Some of the stress has been my own fault though, so I shouldn’t really complain. Or I’m not entitled to complain :-) I spend all of last weekend discussion the local budget with my local Greens. Two complete days (9 am –  pm5) working through all these numbers and discussing all of it, wears anyone out, I think. It wore me out at least and I wasn’t even in the mood for some TV or DVD afterwards, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything.  I honestly don’t even remember now how I spend my weekend evenings last week.

I usually have a 4-days-work-week , but I had to be at the office all 5 days this week and they were busy days! I admit I just started working at 2 pm yesterday, but because of a meeting I had to stay until 8 pm, which is always fun on a Friday. Not! Monday late afternoon and evening were packed with political meetings I had to attend. On Tuesday I had to stay longer at work than planned, so it was a bit hectic afterwards, because I was meeting friends at the movie theatre. On Wednesday evening I went to see David Garrett in concert. Yesterday evening and most of today’s afternoon I spend with writing a summary of all the things we Greens discussed last weekend, because we still have to work out which additional proposals we want to come up with and to map out our position to this budget. My brain is so tired once again now so I’ll have to work on that for a bt tomorrow as well. Sometimes being the chairwoman of the Green on the town council sucks because of all this work, but it was my own choice to fill this position. And I get an allowance for it, so I shouldn’t complain too much. But it sometimes really is a lot of work.

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Thoughtful Tuesday: A Job That Pays My Bills…

Each Tuesday, I’m going to share something I am either:
a) thankful for, b) something I witnessed that was an act of kindness, or
c) something I did to “pay it forward”
(via JJ)

I’m incredibly busy at the moment, with work and a term paper I have to finish for grad school before I go on a two week vacation on Friday. Getting ready for this vacation is keeping me busy as well, not to mention the fact that I’ll be moving after my vacation and have tons of things to organize for that too. I had to attend a work meeting in the early evening and got home only 15 minutes ago. So I was in a complaining and moping mood until JJ tweeted the reminder for the thoughtful Tuesday. And it got me thinking… which is the whole point of thougtful Tuesday… ;-)

I’m grateful that I have a job! Several jobs actually and get decently paid in all of them. I have enough money to attend grad school in the first place, which I had planned for quite a long time, but never had the means to do it. I get paid enough so that I’ll be able to afford a bigger flat. (I can also afford it, because in December I’ll have saved enough money for the remaining grad school classes and can use the amount that I put away every month to pay the higher rent). I get paid enough to afford the awesome vacation I’m about to go on. I get paid enough to go on vacation every year. My job is secure enough to be able to plan and already pay for a vacation in spring 2011. Even though it feels like there is a lot of money slipping through my fingers these days with all this vacation planning :-) I get paid enough so I can rather easily put some money aside every month to save up for things like holidays and furnitures and fun stuff. So many things to actually be grateful for today…

Office Walls (Uninspired NaBloPoMo Post)

Post #4 of NaBloPoMo in May 2010. This month’s theme is: Look Up

I have no idea how to come up with 26 more posts that fit the NaBloPoMo theme this month ;-) Until I figure that out or until I figure out how to somehow include a far-fetched reference to the theme in any other post I might think about posting, I’ll have to make do with a photo post today. This is what I see, when I look up from my computer screen on my desk at the office…

Look up Office Wall

Oh, What A Day (Or To Be More Precise… What A Week)

I can’t remember having felt so drained at the end of my work week before. The MS attack last week and the sideffects of the corticoidsteroids definitely took their toll even this week. There were also quite a few tiny annoying things, health- and other wise, which really put me in a crappy mood as well. Sore cuticles. Torn fingernails. Supermarkets without the groceries I’m looking for. Delayed trains and a lot more.

Of course there also was the Olympic hockey tournament, which interruptet my sleep most of the nights as well. Seeing Canada defeat Russia last night was such an incredible experience. I saw the highlights again during the Olympic news this afternoon and I got goosebumps all over again. It was so awesome to witness this Team Canada on their way to the semin-finals. And yes, Russia couldn’t keep up with the expectations and didn’t play as well as they could have. But even their worst was amazing to watch for someone like me, who is used to the German Hockey league.
Talking about German Hockey: My team – the Cologne Sharks – are in serious, serious financial trouble. Ouch! It has been problematic for at least two seasons now, but it never got really bad or at least that’s what the public has been told. But it IS really bad right now and if they don’t manage to aquire some additional financial support, they will have to file for bancrupcy. I honestly still can’t quite believe that yet.

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Yes, I’m still alive and today I’m even writing… :-)

I wanted to write this blog post since Monday afternoon, but I just never got around to do so. Even tonight I was tempted to postpone it for another day, but I have quite a few things scheduled or planned tomorrow and I was afraid this post would stay unwritten for another day. I don’t even have anything important to write about, just lots and lots of everyday madness. More than usual probably, otherwise I would have gotten around writing this post early than late Friday night..
I’m once again kind of busy at work. Not in the sense of a huge amount of work to do, but in the sense of a variety of different smaller tasks, which I have to coordinate and most of all keep track of. I am usually good at organizing and coordinating, but this time this stuff just wears me down. I spent all of my Tuesday evening to finish an urgent job from my “home office”. At least someone else offered to take over planning and organizing the event, I complained about last week. And I’m grateful for that, because on Monday I realized that I messed up another job I had to do. Messed up big time. At least that’s what it felt like to me even though looking back on it, it wasn’t really that bad and there was no harm done and I could fix it all. But it still upset me. I was working so thoroughly on all but one aspects of the job and … Boom! I messed that one up. Like I said, there was no harm done and everyone involved probably forgot my mishap within minutes. Not me, though, I was beating myself up for the rest of the day. I’m just one of those persons who can’t  let it got, when they mess up. But at least I’m over it by now :-)

Besides work I was insanely busy with various stuff of my local Greens. We have local elections coming up and we still hadn’t put up our elections posters around town. So that’s what I basically spent doing Monday night, yesterday evening and a couple of hours this afternoon. There is some other election campaigning stuff I’ll have to take care of and I will have to do that on the weekend. I was actually planning to do some of the stuff tonight, but there is no way I could concentrate on that tonight.

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