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The Best Game You Can Name

What a tournament. World record at the opening game. Suprising victories from the “underdogs”. Denmark. Switzerland. Germany. Yes, Germany definitely is a icehockey underdog. They wouldn’t have been allowed to play at the A division world championship this year, if they hadn’t been the host. They were relegated last year. They didn’t win a single game at the Olympics in Vancouver and only scored once.
I was hoping that they’d do better at this world championship at home with thousands of fan rooting for them. But I also was afraid that they might have to play in the relegation round and worst case scenario were relegated again.

But then there was the opening game with 77.000 viewers and a 2:1 victory against the USA. There were great games against Finland and Denmark in the prelimary round. Great games against Russia and Belarus and Slovakia in the qualifiying round. They won some, they lost some, but even when they lost it was always a tight game and they were never outplayed. They played amazingly and (I admit at least to me) surprisingly well. They advanced to the quarterfinals and met Switzerland, which they haven’t beaten in a while. But they did this time. They met Russia again in the semifinals and just like the game last week it was tight and they could have almost taken it to overtime and maybe even a victory. The played against Sweden this afternoon in the bronzemedal game and even in this game they did amazingly well. They lost in the end, which of course was a disappointment at first, because they were so close to winning the bronzemedal. The first one since the Olympic bronze in 1976 and it would have been the first at the worldchampionship since sometime in the 1950s.

And that’s bascially why the end of this tournament was no disappointment at all. They were supposed to be relegated last year (and I have to say rightfully so, because they didn’t play well) and now they made it to the seminfinal! They achieved so much more than anyone would (and could) have expected. They fought and never gave up and most of all they played so so well. Our defense player Christian Ehrhoff and our goalie Dennis Endras were chosen for the All-Star-Team (best players of the tournament) and goalie Dennis Endras was also named Most Valuable Player. Ther german goalie is MVP in the icehockey world championship. I’m so so happy about what happened at this tournament and I’m so so proud of these guys. It’s not just the best game, but in this case, also the best team you can name!

My “Date” with Ovechkin ;-)

I’m back from Cologne and from the best game I’ve seen from the German icehockey team in a loooooong time. Probably the best I’ve ever watched. At least the best I’ve watched at a hockey rink and not on TV. Our team was so so so amazing. They fought and never gave up, they hardly made any mistakes and they really seemed like a team, whose members know each others moves and it all just fit. I was so proud of our boys after the game!
Ok, they lost the game, but instead of the expected 0:8 result it was a tight 2:3. Against Russia! A team with quite a few of the big NHL stars among them. Varlamov. Kovalchuk. Federov. Semin And of course Ovechkin. I was really looking forward to see him play on the ice just a few metres away from me. He was In motion most of the time, so I couldn’t really take any decent pictures. But at least I managed to snap one of his backside during the warm up ;-) Continue reading

Project365: 323 – 329 (Week 48)

How can it already be Friday night again? What did I do during that last two days, which I had off from work? Oh, well, I slept. And slept some more… at least that what it felt like. I thought about writing my Grey’s review tonight, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Because just now remembered that I still haven’t watched the latest “Brothers & Sisters” episode. Watching hockey totally messed my weekly TV schedule ;-) Anyway, here are this weeks project365 photos. Thematically one-sided, I know ;-)

323 week 48-1
2010-05-07: Getting ready for game 1

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It’s A Good Old Hockey Game…

Totally cheating again, because it’s already the 13th while I’m typing this, but this post belongs to the 12th and I still haven’t figured out how to send them from my phone. And I’d say on happy days cheating a little (it’s just a date after all ;-) ) has to be allowed!
Contrary to what I wrote yesterday, it would have been very possible to end the preliminary round as 1st in group D. I hadn’t considered that the goals we (might) score against Denmark, would right way lower their goal difference (GD). So we (balanced GD) only had to win against them (+4 GD) with a 2 goal difference. Thus we’d have the same GD and as we would have beaten them in the game against each other we’d move ahead.

Well… that’s what we did. We won 3:1 and for a while were leading in group D. Wow! I think no one had ever expected THAT to happen. I honestly didn’t expect to hear our national anthem again this week and to see our boys leave the ice as winners!!


Finland beat USA in the second game, so Finland took the lead from us in the end, but we didn’t care that much. Because the dates scheduldes in the qualifying round for games of 2nd in our group, were much more convienent for Hai_di and me *g* We managed to get tickets for 2 of the 3 games of the qualifying round on Saturday and Sunday night.

If all goes well (i.e. as should be expected) Russia will end up as #1 in group A and we’ll see the game RUS – GER on Saturday. Alexander Ovechkin!!! On the ice in Cologne!! And as we’ve got standing room tickets, which are behind the goals and close to the ice, he’ll be just a few meters away! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* The mere fact of him being so close might turn me into a crazy Ovie fangirl, which I haven’t actually been yet. I like him a lot, but… I don’t know. I guess there’ll be a long hockey / Ovie post on Sunday either way.

Ramble About Hypothetical Hockey Results…

I can’t believe it’s been 4 days since the last Grey’s episode and I still didn’t get around writing my review. The next episode might air before I get around to do it *sigh* But the last few days have been insanely busy with work and the election in our state of North-Rhine-Westfalia (which matters a lot to me because of my involvment with the Green Party) and of course with the icehockey world championship. I had actually planned to watch Brothers & Sisters tonight, but I’ll be going to bed shortly after this post is up. I’m so exhausted…

I promised to shed some light on the craziness of group D of the 2010 IIHF Icehocky World Championship. I’ve been reading quite a few “Germany HAS to beat Denmark now” tweets, news, comments, whatever throughout the day. None of those seem to mention that the USA has to beat Finland tomorrow just as much as we have to beat Denmark. I don’t want to sound too optimistic or even arrogant, but the situation group D is really tricky and everything is indeed still possible. After a few background information, I’ll explain how I see it.

There are 16 teams at the Icehockey World Championship in four groups with four teams each in the preliminary round. The seeding into these groups is based the World Ranking (which is based on the teams performance at the last couple of World Championships etc). So there are usually two teams from world rank 1 – 8 in each group and two teams from the rank 09 – 16. After playing a round-robin, the top three teams in each group advanced to the Qualifying Round. The last team in each group competed in the Relegation Round.

The points calculation for the group ranking is based on the system used in most European leagues and the Russian league.

Win in regulation time: 3 points
Win in overtime or shootout: 2 points
Loss in regulation time: 0 points
Loss in overtime or shootout: 1 point

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Everything’s Possible…

I know I’m cheating a little bit and this is not really a valid post, but I will explain the craziness of the group D of the icehockey worldchampionship in a longer post tomorrow.

Before the two final games the preliminary round each of the teams (USA, Finland, Germany, Denmark) could still end up as #1 in the standings. And except Denmark every team could still end up as #4 and thus has to play in the relegation round. Yes, even USA or Finland could end down down there. We could end up as the winner in group D. Everything is possible and it’s driving me crazy already. These two games on Wednesday will be complete nailbiters! Don’t believe it? Just take a look at the standings

A Night To Remember…

Last night was the opening game of the icehockey worldchampionship in Germany. And what a night it turned out to be. Not just did we manage to steal the world record for largest crowd at a hockey game, but we also managed to steal the expected victory fom the USA!! YAY! I honestly still can’t quite believe it and I’m smiling or more grinning like a lunatic, whenever I just think about last night.

I didn’t expected to actually see much of what happened on the ice, because it’s such a huge arena and I wasn’t sure how far away our seats really would be, but they were not bad at all.

WM Schalke 002

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